Allied Health

Australia has more than 90,000 allied health professionals, who work alongside doctors and nurses to provide optimum health care for all Australians. This represents 20% of the country's healthcare workforce - a sizeable proportion which continues to grow.  Together with doctors and nurses, allied health professionals are regarded as the third pillar of health care providers in Australia.

An allied health practitioner is a trained professional who works with others in the healthcare team to support a person’s health care. The aim is to support diagnosis, recovery and quality of life. Access to allied health care can increase a person’s mobility, independence and ability to care for themselves. It can also help reduce the risk of complications in chronic conditions or following illness or injury.

Nurses2u has access to a variety of allied health care professionals, whether it is dentists, GPs or perhaps even psychologists; nurses2u are also allied health care professionals in their own right.



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